With the new year here, the report is that 82% of New Year Resolutions are weight loss! Did you know that weight loss is as simple as an equation?! The equation for weight loss is as follows: Calories in VS Calories out where Calories IN need to be less than Calories OUT ! See, its really not that complicated! There are a few steps you need to follow in order to make this equation work for you

Step 1:

Determine how many “calories out” your body uses. This can be as easy as “google-ing” BMR calculator, putting in the needed questions, and BOOM! You have your “magic” calories out number. BMR or Basic Metabolic Rate is a number based on your height, weight, and body fat % (if you have that) and it tells you how many calories your body burns each day if you were to just lay in bed all day. You then have the option to add in your physical activity level, and this give you a good estimate of how many calories your body burns each day during your normal days activity, or when you’re working out ass well. This is NOW called your Metabolic Burn (MB), and tells you how many you can eat to SUSTAIN your weight.

Now that you know your how many calories are going OUT, you must start tracking how many calories are going IN. You can do this by journaling your food each day, or even by using a fancy app they have on the market which allows you simple scan your food, and it can calculate all of your calories each day. You MUST be diligent with this! Weight loss is an equation, so you must be accurate and detailed when logging your calories for the equation to work for you. So how many calories should you eat each day? The BEST and longest lasting weight loss rate is 1 lb per week. So, 1 lb of fat = 3500 calories (it takes a 3500 calorie deficit to burn 1 lb of fat) Take 3500 calories and devote that by 7 (days in one week) = 500 calories. EXAMPLE: Jane’s BMR is 1100 calories, and her Metabolic Burn is 1700 calories Start with your your Metabolic Burn (MB( which is the number that includes your physical activity (not your BMR, as this is your very basic calorie burn, not including your exercise, job, extra movement, etc.

You don’t want to go below your BMR) 1700 calories (MB) – 500 calories (3500/7) = 1200 calories to eat each day and loos 1 lb per week! To help keep you full, try adding protein shakes, meal replacements shakes, and eating lots of vegetable and proteins. Vegetables and proteins help keep you fuller, longer! There is no diet plan needing, and we approach diet the flexitarian way! Flexitarian diet allows you the FLEXIBILITY of allowing YOU to choose what you want to keep or add to your diet, while keeping in mind headful eating. Adding in a protein shake as a snack, or a even a meal replacement can fit your already established diet, while contributing 20-25 grams of protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and mineral.

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