How To Lose Weight Fast for Women

With summer here, bikini season is IN! The question on everyone’s mind before their planned weekend trip to the beach is “How do I lose weight, and FAST?! The answer is simple, use Fusion Diet Systems line of products!

Step 1: Substitute in Vegan Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein and/or Meal Replacement Shakes:
With busy schedules, it’s difficult to eat healthy everyday, but what you put in your body is what is going to determine how quickly you are going to loose weight. Make the quick first step of replacing two meals with our vegan protein shakes.

    Fusion Diet Systems pea protein shakes and meal replacements DO work for weight loss, as they are:

  • Low in Carbs
  • Easy to digest, giving you a less bloated/full tummy
  • Have no added sugars, which lead to weight gain
  • Keep you full and satisfied so you do not crave other typical foods.
  • Fusion Diet Systems Meal replacements are the PERFECT lunch or dinner replacements as they have patented ingredients to keep you satisfied for up to 8 hours!
    Fast weight loss is a simple equation (we have a blog on this too, search of “weight loss”). It all equates down to:

  • Calories In Must Be Less Than Calories Out* There is no secret potion, or magic spell you can place on yourself to assist you in weight loss aside form this equation above.
  • Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein shakes come in to play due to the fact that protein and fiber together takes 2 times longer to digest and empty throughout the GI tract. This helps you
    feel fuller, longer, which will decrease your overall calorie intake throughout the day, resulting in WEIGHT LOSS!

Step 2: Increase moderate weight bearing exercise:
After an extensive workout, whether it be running, weight lifting, or even swimming, your muscle have been in use, using up their stored glycogen and potentially breaking down slightly. Post workout protein is essential to continue the growth of those hard earned muscles!

  • Fusion Diet Systems Vegan Pea Protein is Pea protein is broken down and easily absorbed, absorbed by even those with whey intolerances!
  • With more muscle on your body, the more calories your body burns, even when you’re resting! The more calories you burn each day, the faster you will lose weight!
  • Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein Shakes contain a complete amino acid profile, which means whichever amino acids your body is in need of post workout, or anytime throughout the day, to repair muscles, cells throughout the body, skin, hair, or ANYTHING in the body, those amino acids will be readily available post consumption of our proteins. This allows for quick recovery, and over vitality of your body!

Fusion Diet Systems Vegan Pea Proteins and Meal Replacements are the perfect way to help you drop those extra pounds, and help keep muscle on for a fired up metabolism. Replace two meals a day with our pea protein or meal replacements, and introduce a workout regular light weight bearing regimen, and you will be bikini ready in no time!

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