Do Protein Shakes Work?

The question posed very often to online forms, and to all of us at expo’s is; Do Protein Shakes Work?

Do Protein Shakes Work for Weight Loss?
Protein shakes DO work for weight loss, as long as you are also following a balanced diet and incorporating some muscle strengening exercises. Weight loss is a simple equation (we have a blog on this too, search of “weight loss”). It all equates down to * Calories In Must Be Less Than Calories Out* There is no secret potion, or magic spell you can place on yourself to assist you in weight loss aside form this equation above. Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein shakes come in to play due to the fact that protein and fiber together takes 2 times longer to digest and empty throughout the GI tract. This helps you feel fuller, longer, which will decrease your overall calorie intake throughout the day, resulting in WEIGHT LOSS!

Do Protein Shakes Work for Muscle Gain?
After an extensive workout, whether it be running, weight lifting, or even swimming, your muscle have been in use, using up their stored glycogen and potentially breaking down slightly. Post workout protein is essential to continue the growth of those hard earned muscles!
Protein that is easily digested, and easily absorbed is even more essential! That why our protein here at Fusion Diet Systems are superior their whey counter parts. Pea protein is broken down and absorbed by even those with whey intollerances! Our Pea Protein Shakes contain a complete amino acid profile, which means whichever amino acids your body is in need of post workout, or anytime throughout the day, to repair muscles, cells throughout the body, skin, hair, or ANYTHING in the body, those amino acids will be readily available post consumption of our proteins. This allows for quick recovery, and over vitality of your body!

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