The Top 5 Benefits Of Pea Protein Powder

When switching from whey to pea protein powder, you may ask yourself; Why choose pea protein? Or; What are some of the health benefits of pea protein? Well here at Fusion Diet Systems, we believe in being 100% transparent with our vegan pea proteins and meal replacements. So we are going to break down the top 5 benefits of pea protein powder:

(1) Contains fiber to help keep you fuller, longer

Unlike whey, Fusion Diet Systems pea protein naturally contains fibers that can help keep you full for a much longer period of time! Fiber is a dieters best friend, as it is also essential in keeping you regular while you are dieting (a problem many dieters have!) By keeping you fuller for longer, you can potentially consume less calories throughout the day, and thus yield greater weight loss overall.

(2) Stabilizes Blood Sugars

Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein contains raw yellow peas, which naturally contain fibers and other phytonutrients, that helps to naturally stabilize blood sugars. It helps the body slowly metabolize the shake, while regulating blood sugar levels, and diminishing the blood sugar spikes associated with high sugar treats.

(3) Reduces Stress on Kidneys

The breakdown and elimination of whey protein has shown to be a stressful situation on the kidney’s, with some cases even leading to kidney failure. Pea protein is completely broken during the digestion processes, and causes almost no stress on the kidneys as it is eliminated. Pea protein isolate has also shown benefits in lowering blood pressure, which is extremely important in kidney health. The exact reason is not specifically provided yet, but it is known that simple peas are not as beneficial as pea protein isolate.

(4) Heart Healthy Protein

Along with lowering/stabilizing blood pressure, which is essential for heart health, Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein, made with raw yellow peas, versus animal proteins, can help decrease the risk of coronary heart disease, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. Pea protein is gentle on your systems, and is a natural source of anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help create a healthy homeostatic environment in your system, vs whey protein, which contains extremely inflammatory compounds, and highly allergenic components.

(5) Great Weight Loss Aid

It’s a fact that protein and fiber are two compounds that take longer to digest, and help keep you feeling fuller, longer. Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein has 25 of plant-based protein, and 4-5 grams of fiber per serving! This compound creates the best aid in weight loss! Eating between 20-30 grams of fiber per day, and 1 grams of protein per body weight, while adding in 4-5 days of moderate to intense 30-60 minute workouts will ensure you are on the right track to weight loss! Fusion Diet Systems pea protein and meal replacement shakes delay the emptying of your stomach, and reduce hormone spikes (in specific the hormone ghrelin which tell you that you are hungry) low, so that your overall calorie intake is lower, and your weight loss gains are greater!

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