Whey Protein vs Pea Protein

With the recent rise in information on the lack of health benefits behind whey protein, health conscience consumers are beginning to look for non-whey protein alternatives.

Many non-whey protein powders fall short in their amino acid profile, due to the fact that almost all plant based proteins NATURALLY do not contain a complete amino acid profile (meaning, they are missing all of the essential building blocks for proteins).

Lucky, here at Fusion Diet Systems, we have combined the wonderfully nutritious Pea Protein with all natural Brown Rice Protein, to create a 100% vegan and DELICIOUS protein powder.

Fusion Diet Systems vegan pea protein is not only:

  • Creamier
  • More flavorful then whey protein
  • But, it also:

  • Bakes better
  • Is versatile in even raw recipes (where whey protein cannot be used, as it is becomes very bitter)

Vegan Pea Protein from fusion diet systems is:

  • Does not cause bloating/cramping/indigestion.
  • Is 10x creamier, and creates a thicker/more satisfying simple shake.

These are just a few benefits of choosing Fusion Diet Systems Pea Protein instead of the general whey protein on the market! The vegan way is the clear way to steer away from whey!

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